Fiona's consuming interest in the science and power of human connectivity continues to develop after more than 35 years of working in various industrial sectors in Australia and abroad; including power generation, automotive manufacturing, defence, pharmaceuticals, government, and artistic organisations like Cirque du Soleil.


Fiona’s Doctoral research combined neuroscience and complex systems engineering to examine how good leaders think, how they change others, and how they build adaptive, responsive, and successful organisations.


These research combinations created Fiona's expertise in human to technology, and human to AI interaction; applicable to varied industrial and commercial environments.      

To this end, she founded The NeuroTech Institute in late 2018 to investigate the neurophysiology of the interaction between people and people, and people and technology; how we shape each other, how technology shapes us, and how we should shape future technology. Neurotech explores the science of the union of human awareness and machine intelligence, and what that means for healthcare, ageing, defence, education, and industry. 


Fiona maintains collaborative partnerships in Australia, the USA and Europe, advising technologists, health professionals, and governments to make productive choices and create successful outcomes regarding the economic and societal impact of technology and people.


She is an advisor to the robotics industry, the health sector, the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Finland's national artificial intelligence program, and Defence organizations both in the USA and Australia.

She researches, consults, and speaks publicly on a wide range of topics including the neuroscience of human to human, and human to technology interactions, neurogenesis, and how good leaders create organisations that flourish.