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Dr Fiona Kerr is an expert speaker who engages her audience by making complex subject matter accessible to all. Fiona presents both nationally and internationally on a range of subjects, such as building adaptive human systems and partnering with technology.

For over forty years, Fiona has collaborated with industry, governments and social sectors. Her diverse range of qualifications include complex systems engineering, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and anthropology. In addition, Dr Kerr holds honorary academic positions globally, and speaks on maintaining quality human connections in a virtual healthcare world.

Fiona speaks on a range of topics, including:

  • Human-technology interaction: The impacts of technology on human cognition and communication
    The neurophysiology of how humans shape each other during face-to-face interaction is altered by the use of technology in various ways, both good and bad. Understanding this allows us to use technology as a true enabler, and choose when it is not the best solution.  

  • Leading flourishing, adaptive organisations
    The neural duet between brains can happen individually and at scale. In organisations, it facilitates trust, collaboration, communication, shared values and even complex problem solving, resulting in an adaptive, resilient and flourishing organisation.

  • Future proofing in emerging environments
    Change is by nature full of weak signals. The ability to register and read this information and to understand how it will shape change, enables leaders to influence, tend and steer the organisation in an adaptive direction, and build the capability to act dynamically in the emerging environment.

  • Cognition of resilience
    Resilient organisations have candid, empathic leaders who are pragmatic optimists, crafting a culture of high trust, shared values, collaboration and creative problem solving that allows everyone to navigate ambiguous conditions (complex thinkers).

  • Partnering with AI for human centric future: quality vs quantity choices and partnerships
    Both humans and technology bring their own unique capabilities to a situation and both can be transformative if used appropriately. Understanding these unique strengths, and how and when to combine them, allows us to gain exceptional results.

  • Building a human centric technologized healthcare future
    Medicine is being constantly transformed by amazing new technology from nanobots to telehealth. Human interaction and empathy increases healing, trust, hope, patient compliance and even medical decision making, so balancing the use of tech with human interaction is the key.

For information on Dr Fiona Kerr’s speakers fees or to enquire about a booking, please contact 

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