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Dr Fiona Kerr is a cognitive neuroscientist, complex systems engineer, anthropologist & psychologist 

with almost 30 years in the industry. 


Fiona advises and works with organisations ranging from US Defense to Cirque du Soleil, with projects including how soldiers interact with autonomous systems in decision making, how to design multimodal gadgets which have a positive cognitive impact, and why face-to-face interaction with a nurse makes a patient heal better.

Dr Fiona Kerr is the founder of The NeuroTech Institute, and FOCUS consulting, and combines nearly 40 years of industry experience with qualifications in engineering, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology. Fiona is globally recognised for her work on the science of both human-human and human-technology interaction, and how this helps build successful practices and flourishing organisations. Even more important in the current hybrid work environment, Dr Kerr works with a broad international list of clients across corporate, creative, government and Defence sectors.

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