Fiona Kerr advises and works with organisations ranging from US Defense to Cirque du Soleil, with projects including how soldiers interact with autonomous systems in decision making, how to design multimodal gadgets which have a positive cognitive impact, and why face-to-face interaction with a nurse makes a patient heal better.

Apart from directing The NeuroTech Institute, Fiona also holds positions as Research Fellow with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Adjunct Senior Fellow in the School of Psychology in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, advisor to global centre for modern aging, R4 Robotics and Curated, and vice chair of the Catalyst Foundation board. 

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Cognitive Neuroscientist, complex systems engineer, anthropologist & psychologist with almost 30 years in the industry. 


Do you ever feel we are falling further into a world focused on our phones, our feet and the busyness of everyday life? One simple act might have the power to change your perspective..


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